Caroline has lovely hot body. PLenty of 18 year olds would give a lot for such a perfect figure, super small breasts and the tastiest most lickable pussy and ass I’ve seen in a long time! thanks, Karolin.


Beautiful and natural Yale flicks her blonde curly hair and exposes her slim, tanned body as she starts outside in the garden.
Flashing her breasts and full bush of pubes Yale gives you a cheeky, seductive smile as her fingers move down her body. Inside and now fully naked Yale moves into some stunning positions and shows every inch of her great body!


Fine stills set from Jette – I love every quirky expression she can come up with! A pretty face, a nicely rounded figure, small but shapely boobs and my favourite of pale skin and dark pubes – so for me there’s a lot to like. I particularly like the rolling the undies off shot, the raising the skirt shots and some of the showing pink shots because each time Jette is looking seductively (or maybe cheekily (?)) right into the camera.
There is a tendency in the so-called glamour industry to pick from a very narrow range of body types. I absolutely hate this form of body fascism. Conversely, I really love the variety of girls that appear on AW: not just the variety of body types, but the variety of personalities.
I think the deliberate exclusion of most women from the glamour/fashion industry does untold harm. So many women are dissatisfied and unhappy with their own bodies. I think it would do them good to see this site and see how appreciative people (men and women) are of bodies more like their own. It would also do them good to see how comfortable in their own skin the AW models are (maybe that is one of your own phrases).

Amateur lesbians tribbing

Satine flirts and tries her best to distract Kylie with cute little pokes and seductive smiles from the sofa, understandably unable to resist Kylie joins her and wastes no time in getting Satine undressed and revealing those gorgeous pert breasts and lick-able pale skin.
Satine unwraps Kylie, pulling her clothes off and and getting intimate with her soft skin, beautifully slim waist and smooth shaved pussy. The two wrestle around on the sofa, the floor and some very sexy positions on the wooden arm chair from Kylie really make this set one that you’ll want to come back too!


The very cute and very natural Evelina shows of both her beautiful, slim naked body and her unique and sexual works of art.
Inside and outside Evelina looks gorgeous illuminated by the soft Amsterdam sunlight. Exposing her large breasts, pale, soft skin and full bush she sits and draws her latest piece. At the end she even treats us to a flick through some of her work.

Angie & Fae

Enjoy the contrast of breasts – from Angie’s extra-large with pink nipples, to Fae’s medium sized ones with the sexy dark nipples. I like image number 55 where Angie’s slipping her hand down into Fae’s pants – hot, hot! Angie & Fae take turns licking each other and sticking their fingers in the other’s bum hole. They like that a lot!

Annette & Greta

Goodness, that was beautiful. So many memorable little moments, starting with Greta untying Annette’s super-cute string panties (even if she did have trouble). It was very sexy to see them untied and her pussy completely exposed while Greta played, but the panties not quite removed — couldn’t say why, but I loved it.
Greta is so gorgeous, and you can see what a tender lover she is the first time she gives Annette oral, looking up with those lovely eyes as Annette responds sweetly to her sexy flicks of the tongue. Great close-ups that highlight the loveliness of Greta’s face framed by Annette’s pretty pussy and thighs. Annette’s first orgasm is very nice, especially the interesting “missionary” fingering position that allows Greta look into her partner’s eyes and kiss her flushed face as she cums. Very cute. Her second, more intense orgasm is breathtaking, with the clenched hands grasping the sheets and her entire lovely, curvy, soft body flexing as the pleasure overtakes her. Just stunning, and one for the AW orgasm highlight reel.
Beautiful work girls. It would make me glad just to know that two such sexy girls had made love and given each other pleasure, but to see it in loving color elicits my eternal gratitude. The world is a prettier, happier place with this video in it: thank you so much for making it.

Natalie M

I was going to write that Natalie M is the ideal “Aussie girl-next-door model” but realised I was kidding myself. I’ve never lived anywhere near some one as cute as Natalie M. I love her fair skin, freckles and full bush. And what a body! With a flat as a board stomach like that she must be a real sporty gal.